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KNX Home Server is a controller, a cloud and a smart visualization app for fast creation of an intellectual system to control KNX apartments, offices and houses.

Most automation projects of apartments and offices based on KNX do not require complicated logic or customized interfaces. And there is a wish to launch such projects without programming or additional costs. But at the same time, they must support remote and voice control, cameras and SIP.

KNX Home Server is created exactly for this.

It includes essential functions of KNX smart home: connection to the bus via TP1 and setting devices from ETS, integration of SIP-intercoms (Mobotix, DoorBird, etc. via a third-party SIP-server), IP-cameras, Samsung TV-sets, Sonos and Bluesound, schedules, routines, timers, notifications, secure remote and voice control and fast interface creation.

Setting and control is done in one app for Apple iOS, Android or on Windows PC. Thus, you can test project work right after changes are made. Only 1 device is required for it. And you do not have to go to the object site – a configuration can be downloaded to the controller from the cloud.

Easy Setting without Programming

It will take only 7 minutes to see that it is true.

KNX TP1-256 interface

Secure remote control and setting

Programming the bus from ETS

One app to set and control

Control from 25 panels at the same time, Up to 1000 group addresses

Fast interface creation from ready widgets

Integration of SIP-intercom and IP-cameras

Change of logic and interface by house owner

Control of Samsung TV-sets, Sonos, Bluesound

PUSH and e-mail notifications, log journal

Creation of timers, schedules and scenes

Interface in 11 languages

Voice control (Alexa, Google Home)

Setting and Control in i3 KNX Smart Mobile App

Setting and Control in i3 KNX Smart Mobile App

It’s up to you to decide to set a project from a Windows PC or a tablet or a smartphone, or you can start a project on a tablet at the object site and then continue on a tablet in the office. The app works on all platforms equally well, it’s not a web-interface, that’s why the response speed is higher.

During setting you can test interface work, as it is one and the same app.

Connection of KNX Devices

KNX devices are connected to KNX Home Server and programmed via TP1-256 interface or any external KNX IP interface. Recommended amount of group addresses is up to 1000.

IP-cameras, SIP and TV-sets are connected via IP.

House Structure

Floors and rooms are automatically imported from ETS-project or created manually with the help of templates. You can change the name, icon of the room and the color of the icon.

Example: you can use automatic import of floors and rooms and create manually only the "Control of the house" floor. You can add to this floor the "All light" room and place there all widgets to control light, you can also place all thermostats in the "Climate" room, etc.

Control of KNX

Minimum manual work: ETS project is imported to the app and group addresses are assigned to control widgets in a click.

If new devices appear in the installation, anther import from ETS leaves the set connections unchanged and adds new addresses to the list.


The app has a built-in base of URL-addresses for cameras of different brands for you not to look for them in the documentation. Choose a brand, a model, enter the host, the login and password, and it’s ready!

The widget preview can display low-resolution video not to load the network and the camera.

Supported protocols: http, https, rtsp.


There are no limits in the choice of SIP-intercoms: settings are universal, connect the SIP-server that you like.

Special widgets are created for Mobotix T24/T25, Doorbird, True IP and BAS IP with buttons to open the door, turn on light and display video from the camera.

Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home

A combination of voice control with an app is ideal. The app is more convenient to control volume delicalty, to control a house when somebody is sleeping. And voice control is good to turn on light and activate scenes when hands are busy. Voice control also helps senior citizens to control home.

Available languages and devices to control

Samsung TV-sets

A remote for Samsung TV-sets 2019 (Q series) consists of 2 parts:
  • a widget with the most important functions, it is located in a room;
  • a fully-functional remote with all functions, it is opened as a separate popup.

Sonos and Bluesound

The speakers can not only be controlled from the app but also used in scenes, routines and macros. Setting is easy, simply scan or enter the IP-address and the widget is ready to work.

What can be controlled from the widget

Secure Remote Control

Remote control guarantees a fast reaction to an emergency – the house is on-line, no matter where you are.

For security, remote control works only via a cloud. It’s not required to keep ports open or to pay for a “white” IP-address. Data are not stored in the cloud, they are only sent, and all connections are outgoing, thus, hidden from an observer.

Up to 25 Control Panels

A house owner can add new users without increasing the price of a license. For example, guests can control a house from their mobile devices.

Device statuses are updated on panels instantly.

Scene Launch with Button

«Macro» is a button in an interface. When it is pressed a scene is launched. Buttons can be located in a room and on the main page.

Example: when the «Away from home» button is pressed, windows are closed, water is cut off, the alarm is activated.

If it is required, the house owner can be allowed to create and edit macros himself.

Scene Launch with Condition

«Routines» do scenes automatically when certain events happen in the system. It’s the most popular tool of automation and centralized control.

Example: if a motion sensor is activated, turn on hall light, but only if it is not daytime.

If it is required, the house owner can be allowed to create and edit routines himself.

Switching Scenes

«Mode» is s group of buttons to switch between connected scenes.

Example: when «See film» button is pressed, the blinds are closed, the screen goes down, the projector and the floor light are turned on. If the button is pressed again, everything comes back to the initial state.

If it is required, the house owner can be allowed to create and edit modes himself.

Schedules and Astro Timers

Schedules are useful if it is required to launch scenes according to a certain schedule.

Example: in winter turn on the warm floor in the bathroom and the window light imitating sunrise half an hour before the alarm-clock rings.

If it is required, the house owner can be allowed to create and edit schedules himself.

Timers for KNX Devices

Timers help to set work of a definite KNX device — it’s the simplest logic tool.

Example: turn on the warm floor in the bathroom half an hour before the alarm-clock rings. Turn on floor lighting from sunset to sunrise.

Notifications and Log Journal

Notifications help the owner to be sure that he knows about all important events in the house, if a child is back home, if a tap is leaking, etc. KNX Home Server informs about it via:
  • PUSH-notification in the app;
  • a letter to an e-mail.

The history is stored in the Log journal.

Interface Customization

Location of widgets in a room can be changed, photos and headings can be added. A photo can be added to the main page and modes and macros that are required in this very house can be added to it.

Example: a photo of the family can be added to the main page, and photos of rooms can be added to each room, widgets can be located based on frequency of use and convenience and nor only on functionality as is often the case with other apps.

11 languages for setting and controlling

Choose a language your customer speaks:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Portuguese

  • Russian
  • French
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Polish

Dark and Light Styles

No things like «light interface is good for the eyes» or «dark interface is trendy». We have both dark and light :)

Control of Users

Settings of user access rights are rather flexible. It is done for an installer not to spend his time if a house owner wants to change some things:
  • administration of new users;
  • setting server and house structure;
  • setting logic;
  • setting room interface and the main page;
  • types of notifications (PUSH and e-mail).

Feedback about KNX Home Server

  • Theo Derks,

    integrator, De Hooghen Dyck
    the Netherlands

    It’s a great solution for all ‘standard’ projects with KNX (I mean without additional drivers, like Modbus etc). Configuration inside the i3 KNX app is easy; there is no need for external software. The response, starting up, feedbacks from group-addresses, etc. are fast and stable. It's a reasonable choice for every installer who wants to install a fast, reliable and stable solution for the KNX market.
  • Dmitry Kramarenko,

    integrator, Intelliger

    An interface is created fast and easily. An engineer can create required rooms fast and fill them with devices that are located in these rooms. Import of group addresses from ETS speeds up the work greatly – one does not have to set each command manually. Scanning the bus and communication with KNX-devices are normal, no problems appeared here. Feedback channels are set fast and data are sent to KNX correctly. Setting, including a remote one, works excellently. When connected to the server remotely, the setting went on as if the engineer were in the same local network with the server. In general, the first impression is positive – it’s an interesting multifunctional system that allows to create fast and easily an interface for KNX that is convenient and intuitive for a user.
  • Saulius Stanžys,

    integrator, Eltagis UAB

    What I like best about KNX Home Server is that it is easy to start from the box. It also supports intercom and smart TV. I was truly amazed how fast and easy I could create a control interface. I believe I can use KNX Home Server in all projects where advanced functions are not required.
  • Andrey Shavrov,

    integrator, Intek

    KNX Home Server is an interesting solution for small KNX installations. Unlike Gira it has a friendlier interface and it has remote access. I was impressed with the speed of setting a project. I'll recommend the server to my colleagues, as it is an excellent combination of price and quality.
  • Vasiliy Loginov,

    engineer-programmer, «Studio-DK» company group

    KNX Home Server is an effective solution for fast visualization of a project based on KNX standard with all required functions. A project can be made right in the mobile app! Great and promising product!

How to set KNX Home Server

KNX Home Server is set and controlled in one and the same app — «i3 KNX» on iOS, Android or Windows PC. No special training is required as the process is rather easy and intuitive. Despite simplicity we created detailed documentation for you to have no questions like: «And how do you set this?».

How to buy

You can learn the price and purchase KNX Home Server in the Calculator in My Account section. We provide a special discount for professional integrators, which you can get after approval of your registration by the iRidi manager.


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