New product

KNX Home Server

KNX умный дом

Controller with an app to create KNX Smart home in 1 day

3 main capabilities of Home Server:
1. Fast project creation.
2. Secure remote control.
3. Integration with cameras, intercom, creating timers and schedules.

Creating KNX Smart home takes less time with KNX Home Server

The device was developed for:

  • setting basic logic, scenes and routines;
  • integration with IP-cameras and intercom;
  • connection with AV-equipment;
  • secure remote control;
  • fast creation of an interface without designer skills.

Spheres of Use




Capabilities of KNX Home Server

Configuration of equipment from ETS

Secure remote control

Log journal

Routines and schedules

Interface from ready widgets in i3 KNX

Integration with intercom and IP-cameras

Timers for devices and schedules

Localization of interface

Integration with Samsung TV and multimedia equipment

App for setting and control works on iOS, Android, Windows, OS X

App for setting and control works on iOS, Android, Windows, OS X

Fast Setting

Secure control from 20 devices at the same time

1. All connections are outgoing, i.e. they are hidden from an observer.
2. We do not store data in the cloud, we send them between servers and apps on the panels.

Beautiful Face of Projects by Default

Create an interface from ready widgets and place them in rooms. Add photos and headings, select icons and prompt text to create an interface that suits you. The interface fits any resolution and device itself.

Ready Widgets to Control KNX Equipment

  • Dimmer
  • Relay
  • Input number with indication
  • Climate-control
  • Digital and binary indicators

  • Button block
  • Button
  • Blinds, shutters
  • Color-selection (RGBW)
  • Remote for multimedia

Technical Consultation and Support in English

iRidium mobile is a Russian company. We are the developer of the product. We consult and answer questions without intermediaries in English.

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